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Computer Service VILKO - Your Computer and Laptop Repair Center

Address: Jules Moretuslei 201, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium

Phone: +32 477 13 89 02


We are a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in computer and laptop repairs, including Apple products. Our passion for technology and deep knowledge enables us to effectively solve any issues related to your devices.

Repair Services:

Our company specializes in comprehensive repair solutions for computers and laptops. Regardless of the brand or model, we are ready to tackle any challenges your devices may face.

  • Diagnostic and Emergency Repairs: Our knowledge and experience allow us to quickly and effectively identify the causes of problems your devices might encounter. Whether it's software or hardware-related issues, our team will find a solution.
  • Operating System Malfunctions: If your computer is running slowly, freezing, or displaying strange error messages, we have experience in repairing operating systems. We can restore stability and performance to your device.
  • Antivirus Solutions: Dealing with malicious software can be complex. With our tools and experience, we can clean your computer from viruses, trojans, adware, and other threats.
  • Data Recovery: If you've lost important data due to hardware failure or damage, don't worry. We specialize in data recovery, so you can regain access to your valuable information.
  • Maintenance Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to maintaining device performance. We clean the interior of your computer and laptop from dust and contaminants, which can significantly impact operating temperatures and system stability.
  • Express Laptop Repair after Liquid Damage: In the event of liquid damage to your laptop, time is crucial. We act quickly to minimize damage and restore the functionality of your device.
  • Expansion and Upgrades: If you want to enhance your computer's performance, we offer upgrade services. From adding RAM to replacing the hard drive with an SSD, we'll ensure your device runs even more efficiently.
  • Graphics Repair Services: Whether it's an issue with the graphics chip in your laptop or the graphics card in your desktop computer, we have the skills to restore the display.
  • Technical Support: If you need advice or technical support, our team is ready to answer your questions and assist in problem-solving.

We continually refine our skills to offer the highest quality repairs and customer service. Regardless of your requirements, we strive to meet our customers' expectations. Contact us for comprehensive support in the field of computer and laptop repairs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Service: Our team consists not only of experts but also individuals who care about your comfort and understanding of the repair process.
  • Transparent Pricing: The repair cost is always agreed upon in advance. No hidden costs. If there's a need to change costs, we'll always contact you.
  • Legality and Warranty: We are a legally operating company. We provide VAT invoices and offer warranties for our services.
  • Cleaning and Cleanliness: When you retrieve your repaired device from us, you can be sure it has not only been fixed but also thoroughly cleaned. We remove dust, contaminants, and ensure the cleanliness of screens.

Additional Information:

We kindly ask you to collect your repaired device within 30 days from the notification of completed repairs. For each additional month of storage, a fee of 8 euros will be charged. After 18 months from the admission date, uncollected devices will be disposed of and recycled.

We await your inquiry!
Contact us at +32 477 13 89 02 or email us at